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Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of cooperation before purchasing a product or a service or generally before any cooperation form with PERFECT advertising. Any action for cooperation with PERFECT advertising, on your part, automatically implies that you fully accept the following terms and conditions. In case of disagreement, please do not proceed any purchase of our products or services or any other cooperation with the PERFECT advertising, but through communication, notify us about your comments, so to be considered, always within the limits of possible, good faith and of the local business practices.



  • All our prices are understood as net prices and don't include transportation costs, customs expenses, taxes, VAT or any other additional costs that may occur (according to INCOTERM EXW Thessaloniki).

  • Generally, you can order almost all our products in any quantity you desire and with the printing you desire. If you cannot find the corresponding price for the product that you are interested, please contact us to give you an offer.

  • The products are transported for the account, risk and under the sole responsibility of the buyer. PERFECT advertising commits to deliver the products at the transportation companies in perfect condition and assumes no responsibility for any damage whatsoever, falsification or destruction caused during transportation.

  • PERFECT advertising bears no responsibility for any delays in the transport of products from the transportation company that were delivered.

  • We accept orders via e-mail, phone, fax or postal mail.

  • The delivery time of each order has always as starting point the final approval of the printing design(mockup) and the full payment of the order(full payment in advance).

  • The payment term is 100% of the total amount of the order in advance (full payment in advance).

  • Accepted payment methods:

- Money transfer in a bank account (You have to pay all the bank's expenses for the money transfer, so the total amount of your order will arrive at us in full).

- PayPal (You are charged with the PayPal payment expenses, which depends on the amount of payment).

  • Returns of custom printed products are not accepted.

  • Returns of products without custom printing are accepted within 10 business days from the dispatch date and when goods are properly packed in its original packaging and in the exact same condition that were sent by us(completely undamaged).

  • After your approval of the printing design(mockup), PERFECT advertising is not liable for any mistakes that have been done in the printing design(mockup). For this reason, you must carefully check the printing design (mockup) before your final approval.

  • PERFECT advertising has the right to change the prices, any time, without prior notice.

  • PERFECT advertising does not maintain warehouses with products in stock. Therefore, we can't provide any guarantee for the availability of the products you are interested, in the time of the order. However, we assure you that we will inform you, immediately, about their availability.

  • Samples are charged with the value of the product in the lowest price of the corresponding price list of the product, and also with their transport costs.

  • All our prices are subject to errors in the catalogues, the price lists, the web pages or in the special brochures and do not authorize the buyer to claim for compensation.

  • Many of our products are imported. By extension, it is likely that the delivery time may change due to force majeure or due to other unexpected factors (e.g. extreme weather, delays of customs procedures, strikes - protests etc.) or due to . In any case, you should calculate ± 4-5 working days deviation of the delivery times which are indicated on the web page of every product.

  • Our products are delivered without decoration and batteries, unless otherwise is indicated.

  • PERFECT advertising makes every possible effort to ensure that the quantity of the printed goods will be not less than the quantity of your order. However, due to the printing process, a slight part of the products may be damaged. Taking this into account, PERFECT advertising is entitled to provide up to 3% less products than the quantity that was ordered. The buyer shall accept any possible shortages and has to pay the total amount of the order. If the buyer requires the quantity of the printed products to be exactly the same as the order, the buyer shall bear all the additional costs that may occur during the printing process.

  • Products distributed by PERFECT advertising are meant to be used for publicity and/or promotional purposes and not to be sold to consumers and/or users. PERFECT advertising is exempt from any liability and/or sanction in case the goods are used by third parties for purposes either than the ones referred above.

  • PERFECT advertising is not liable for the printing contents according to the buyer's order. PERFECT advertising  shall not bear responsibility for any claims raised, by third parties, for violating their rights. Responsible for possible violating of third parties rights is only the buyer.

  • If you cancel a confirmed order of custom printed products, you have to pay for all the costs in reference to the execution of your order.

  • Depending on the material of the product (especially, products with colour other than white) and the printing technique that is applied, it is possible to occur a +/-1% difference between the actual colour that is printed and the colour that is described in the mockup of your order. Additionally, a +/-3% difference in size of the printed artwork is also allowed.

  • PERFECT advertising reserves the right to deliver products that may be different in characteristics or colours from the items illustrated in our catalogues and our web pages. The delivered quantity of goods may deviate from the ordered quantity with 3% margin of error.


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