Banner printing is an operational way of advertising that has gained the front seat, through time, on merchandising presentation of each businessman.

            Outdoor vinyl banners have high position on customers’ preferences, because are a safe and secure road due to their quality and reliability. If we consider that canvas banner itself is a product that it's traded in several countries only as imported, once is been producing in a very few of them, it is obvious, that this is a specie that is in great demand according to the imports that are growing more and more lately. This, of course, happens because it can be installed in many different areas.

            Due to the above comes up that vinyl banner offers secure evolution for the desired effect.

            In Perfect Advertising because of the experience that we have in the advertising sector, we strongly recommend the choice of banner printing, to any businessman who wants to have crucial and successful appeal, on public that maybe needs his products or services.

            With all this, outdoor vinyl banners become within the first choices of people who are interested in an effective approach of their clients by means that will be useful for them in other ways too.

            Anyone who will end up to this option will realize, in time, that vinyl banner will eventually turn into a smart choice as it combines two things in one.

            Perfect Advertising... because we care for your protection as well...




To 0,99m2 48,72 € / m2
From 1m2 to 1,99m2 24,58 € / m2
From 2m2 to 2,99m2 19,46 € / m2
From 3m2 to 3,99m2 17,72 € / m2
From 4m2 to 4,99m2 17,11 € / m2
From 5m2 to 5,99m2 16,89 € / m2
From 6m2 to 6,99m2 16,60 € / m2
From 7m2 to 7,99m2 15,82 € / m2
From 8m2 to 8,99m2 15,15 € / m2
From 9m2 to 9,99m2 14,57 € / m2
From 10m2 to 10,99m2 14,06 € / m2
From 11m2 to 11,99m2 13,61 € / m2
From 12m2 to 12,99m2 13,18 € / m2


  • Customized "fullcolor" photographic printing (CMYK) on one side of the product is included.

  • Back side of the product is white.

  • Weight: 440gr/m2.

  • Durable product for long time usage. Suitable for any use. Long life, even permanently placed outdoors.   

  • Ability of placement metallic rings(grommets) around the product or on any other point you want, without any extra charge.    

  • Ability to create "sleeves" at the edges of the product for placing wood, rod or rope through the "sleeve", without additional charge.


  • The price list doesn't include the creation of the graphic design that it will be printed. You have to send us your graphic design ready in good resolution and in real dimensions.(accepted files Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), CorelDraw(.cdr)-convert to curves, Adobe Illustrator (.ai)-create outlines or .eps). If you don't have a graphic design ready, our creative department can create a new graphic design for you with an additional cost. Please contact us to give you a price for the creation of the graphic design that it will be printed.

  • The pricelist doesn't include transportation expenses and any other additional costs, such as customs clearance expenses, VAT etc. (EXW Thessaloniki).

  • If you don't cooperate with a transportation company, we can inform you about the transportation costs from the company that we cooperate with. In that case, please inform us about the exact address of delivery.

  • No setup charges or hidden fees.

  • Production time: 6-7 working days.

  • For different quantities than the pricelist's, the prices are different. Please contact us to give you a quotation.

  • The calculation of the price, depending on the square meters, is made collectively and not singularly. For example, if you want to make 2 pieces of banner, with dimension 1m x 2m (2 square meters / piece), you will not get the price of 2 square meters for 2 times but directly the price of 4 square meters (2 pieces x 2m2 each piece = 4m2). 

  • More information in the menu "cooperation terms".


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