Our vision is to be the most creative advertising agency which, in a dynamic and constantly changing market, offers always promotional products and superior marketing services at competitive costs, which are always customized with all modern methods and follow the rapid development of technology, thus giving an increasing value to our advertising agency and hence to our customers.

vision arca               Having partnerships with the biggest promotional gifts companies, offering you the maximum flexibility in choices, always with lower prices than the competition.

               Dealing with every project we take, always with the same passion as the first day we started operating our creative advertising agency.

               Being one of the biggest promotional gifts companies which are able to give their clients products with the best quality/cost ratio.

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Address Proektasi
      Olympiados str.
      P.O.Box: 1603
      56224 - Evosmos
Phone (+30) 2310 588.500
Fax (+30) 2310 588.501
Website www.perfectadv.gr
E-mail info@perfectadv.gr